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Thumbs up The Guardian, CNN and UK Ambassador: Underreporting the 3 June Genocide

Dear Pakistani-British Ambassador in Khartoum,

Who do you think you're fooling, Your Hypocritical Excellency?
You reckon that tweeting your crocodile tears around the world is going to trick anyone?

Dear CNN, Economist, the Guardian and the rest of the Hypocrisy Contingent,

You have more spots than a leopard, more shades than a chameleon.

I just have one question for the Guardian: where, the f** is the rest of that video clip showing the aftermath of killing our brothers and sisters in Khartoum on 3 June 2019? The aftermath, and not the killing itself.

What are you afraid of, and who are you protecting? The same Islamist who have been pillaging, raping, assassinating our countrymen for thirty years?

The same Mayo-ists who have executed hundreds upon hundreds of our Communist brethren in '71 in cold blood in what is now one of your Western embassies in Khartoum?

You are no better than a gun for hire (these are not my words, these are confessions of one of your number who pissed on the late Michael Jackson and told us it was raining)

Sick, amoral reporting, which your editors package to the eyes of the world as independent journalism. As independent Lord Butler and his tired report.

في إنتظار السلام, على المرء أن يلعن التثاؤب وينحيه جانبا
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