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Conversation Between σxчɢΣη and Maktool_Hawak
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  1. σxчɢΣη
    29-Sep-12 03:41
    hi M H , been busy with life , work and so on , little time to get online and so many tasks to do in adittion SDB is not as it use to be , lots of KEZAN making little chit chat .... and distracting ppl from the real problems ..... its sad really
  2. Maktool_Hawak
    23-Sep-12 08:52
    Hello O2
    It's been quite sometime since I have spotted any contributions from your end .. I hope everything is well with you
  3. σxчɢΣη
    17-Sep-10 21:59
    my pleasure kind sir to post such a topic that can appeal to a man of ur intellect
    well i was hopeing the guys in d board will discuss the topic it self
    its really amazing
    expected the Islamatized SDBrs to take a stand ....
    guess i must translate
  4. Maktool_Hawak
    17-Sep-10 21:25
    Hi Oxygen (very interesting nickname indeed)
    I was thrilled by your coverage of Larry King interview with Stephen Hawking ..amazing stuff.
    You really raised the bar high for contributors at the Discussion Board.
    I usually opt for intelligent humorous topic ...I hope we can be friends
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