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Conversation Between Lily Elite and sudani57
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  1. sudani57
    10-Sep-10 01:09

    كل عام وانتم بخير وتقبل الله منكم ومنا صالح الاعمال
  2. Lily Elite
    11-Aug-10 14:16
    Lily Elite
    Hello Sudani57.....Ramadan kareem

    You're big-heart brother.........thanks for being that kind to me
  3. sudani57
    02-Aug-10 00:57

    ربنا يديكم وايانا الصحة و العافية ونصوم ونقيم رمضان
    وربنا يتقبل منكم ومنا صالح الاعمال
  4. sudani57
    18-May-10 01:14
    الحمدلله انك بخير وشكرا للسؤال، الحمد لله الاهل بخير
    يديك العافية
  5. Lily Elite
    17-May-10 19:55
    Lily Elite
    What's up mah dearest brother....i was a little busy,,,,,but it's all good now....thanks for caring

    and keep in touch please.....how's your family?
  6. sudani57
    16-May-10 02:42
    Salam Lily, hope all is well. I just notice you are not as frequent contributor to the board as you used to - it seems you are absent - hope all is well.
  7. sudani57
    05-May-10 01:40
    Salam Lily and thanks so much for message -so nice of you - sorry, have not been to board for a while. I appreciate it - Have a nice day.
  8. Lily Elite
    27-Apr-10 04:17
    Lily Elite
  9. sudani57
    09-Apr-10 21:14
    سلام الاخت للي وبارك الله فيك وجمعة مباركة يا رب
    شكرا جزيلا علي التبريكة الحلوة و يارب يثيبك
    عليها، بالجد متشكر جدا
  10. Lily Elite
    09-Apr-10 16:37
    Lily Elite
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