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  1. Briancali
    30-Aug-14 15:55
    God, absurra, I really miss you, I am doing fine. I hope everything is well with you and your family in Saudi Arabia?
  2. absurra
    26-Apr-14 07:43
    What does the ancient Pharaonic/Meroitic Culture means for Northern Sudan Today?
    it Simply, means: there were once some people who lived at those parts of Sudan..and did what they could to make their life easy....They did not offer any assistance to the people who currently live at the same areas...nothing at all
    How are you Brain?
  3. Briancali
    04-Jan-11 13:52
    Welcome back Absurra. You were missed here. lol
  4. absurra
    02-Oct-10 11:00
    Hello Brain..how you doing...are you still in the mission sudan?...thanks for calling ya shaikh
  5. Briancali
    02-Oct-10 08:07
    Salam, My silly friend called Absurra. I have not talked with you for a long time, so i decided to drop by and say Salam or basically in English hello. Hello Absuraa. gir gir
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